Pulse Mobile was founded by Alex Jarbouh & Samer Chtay.

Alex started as a Voicestream dealer in 2001 selling from a Car Wash lobby.  This grew to 3 stand alone locations at which point Samer joined the company.  Around this time, Voicestream was acquired by T-Mobile.  Together, they expanded to 14 T-Mobile Premium Retailer locations from San Antonio to Dallas with the core in Central Texas.  Their focus was building a winning team by keeping morale up, engaging with the front line and encouraging a competitive environment.

In 2014, with heavy a heavy heart, the business was sold to fund other endeavors.

In 2017, a great opportunity arose to become a T-Mobile partner again.  That's when Samer & Alex came together again to form Pulse Mobile to offer T-Mobile phones, service & customer support and build another winning team.